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September 22, 2006 (270) 769-2760

Lewis Commercial an Accurate Reflection of Weaver’s Record

Congressman Ron Lewis released the following statement concerning Mike Weaver’s call to remove campaign commercials:

“I echo Mike Weaver’s own words, ‘politics is a tough business.’ My commercial is an accurate and truthful reflection of Mike Weaver’s record. It even provides voters with bill numbers. I encourage Mr. Weaver to refute its substance.

“If Mike Weaver is not a liberal, why did he help his democratic colleagues try to carve out a loophole in the same-sex marriage ban (SB 245 – March 2004), supporting the House committee substitute that removed critical language that would protect marriage in Kentucky?

“If Mike Weaver is not a liberal, why does he continue to run around the country on the coattails of General Clark – one of the nations strongest advocates for abortion rights, same sex unions, and gun control. Why has Weaver even joined filmmaker Michael Moore in endorsing Clark’s potential candidacy for President?

“If Mike Weaver is not a liberal, why has he used General Clark to gain entry into the New York Democratic establishment in Manhattan and liberal enclaves on Long Island?

“If Mike Weaver is not a liberal, why has he aggressively pursued and accepted financial and institutional support from out-of-state liberal organizations and national leaders including $7,000 from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi?

“If Mike Weaver is not a liberal, why did he support twenty-five separate tax hikes during his 10 years in Frankfort, including two increases on the state gas tax?

“If Mike Weaver is not a liberal, why does he support repealing the Bush tax cuts, a reversal that would create the largest tax increase in American history?

“Mike Weaver is a lifelong Democrat trying to paint himself conservative in order to court voters. Yet he has always been with his party leaders, in Frankfort and now in Washington. Weaver’s duplicitous ‘I'm just as conservative’ claims are no case for change, and I intend to show voters who the real conservative is with the record to support it.

“Mike Weaver desperation knows no bounds. He’s even chosen to criticize me for my absence from two candidate forums last Monday. While Weaver campaigned, I was in Washington, doing my job working on behalf of the people of the Second District. In fact, I cast votes that day on critical immigration reform legislation.

“I stand by my commercial and will keep it on the air as long as I can. An informed electorate is essential to a healthy democracy. I believe voters deserve to know the truth.”

In a national feature report Thursday, the Washington Post characterized Lewis as ‘one of the most reliably conservative Republicans in Congress.’