July 18, 2006 (270) 769-2760

Weaver Already a “Puppet” of Extreme Left-Wing Democrat Leaders
Lewis points out opponents inconsistencies on Iraq, collaboration with Pelosi

Elizabethtown, KY – Congressman Ron Lewis (KY-02) further pressed Democratic challenger Mike Weaver today for his lackluster response to a recent DCCC fundraising video, in which he appeared, that displayed images of the flag-draped coffins of fallen American soldiers. In a Sunday article in the News Enterprise, Weaver claims to have sent an e-mail to DCCC Chairman Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) expressing his disapproval. Weaver’s e-mail was sent following pressure from Lewis to condemn the video.

“If Mike Weaver felt so strongly about this video, and its blatant exploitation of fallen heroes for political gain, why did he only send an e-mail to the DCCC?” said Lewis. “My guess is his e-mail was likely received and discarded by a staff person. Apparently he did not feel it was important enough to call Chairman Emanuel to personally express his disapproval.”

Lewis pointed out that Weaver has accepted maximum contribution amounts from Rep. Emanuel and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the two House Democrats who approved the video and have yet to apologize to the men and women of our Armed Forces, their loved ones, and the families of the fallen.

“Sending e-mail rather than making a personal call illustrates Mike Weaver’s deeper concern about not upsetting the liberal left-wing Democratic leadership whose support he is counting on in this race. Perhaps he is looking forward to getting a check from all the money that the video generated from liberals across the country?”

Lewis went on to highlight Weaver’s accumulating inconsistencies on the war in Iraq. As he was being courted by Democrats late last fall, Weaver frequently criticized President Bush’s Iraq policy, sharing his belief that the war should be turned over to the Iraqi people before the coalition objective – a free, united, and secure Iraq at peace with its neighbors – was met:

"Weaver criticized President Bush's Iraq war policy and said it is time to turn the war over to the Iraqi people. Bush's contention we must 'stay the course' is 'sound bites and rhetoric' and the President doesn't have a strategy for winning the war." - Ronnie Ellis, Glasgow Daily Times 11/21/2005

"He (Weaver) argues that Bush must establish a withdrawal policy now or see the next administration pull out quickly. American troops should be gradually withdrawn and replaced by Iraqi's who will feel no inclination to fight for a government unless they feel they are in control" - Jim Gaines, Bowling Green Daily News 11/22/2005

Since securing the Democratic nomination for the Second District race, and money from liberal donors, Weaver has taken a very different, politically expedient position on Iraq:

"To pull out prematurely would mean that 2,500 soldiers have died for nothing, and I don't want to see that happen," Weaver said in a phone interview.

Weaver said that a pullout date couldn't be set until more progress is achieved and Iraqis show they can shoulder security

"We are involved in a war," he said. "It doesn't make any difference whether you think we should be there or not- we are there. We have made a commitment, and we are fighting terror there instead of here."

-Bruce Schreiner, Associated Press 6/15/2006

“There is a sharp contradiction at work for Mike Weaver,” said Lewis. “While he campaigns as a social conservative, he continues to work closely with party leaders, folks like Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel, in order to receive their financial and institutional support. If elected, Mike Weaver’s first vote would be to elect Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House of Representatives, giving her and other liberal leaders the mandate to legalize same sex marriages, provide abortions for women of any age, raise taxes to grow wasteful government programs, and compromise our national security by leaving Iraq before the mission is accomplished.

Addressing his opponent directly, Lewis asked, “Why won’t you distance yourself from the leaders and political objectives of the ultra-liberal left? Why have there been so many inconsistencies in your position on the war? Why didn’t you have a more firm response to the shameful fundraising video you appeared in for the DCCC? The people of the Second District deserve answers.”