Energy Independence

Energy Independence is one of the most pressing issues facing Americans today. It is crucial that we reduce the burden on people and stay committed to implementing common-sense energy solutions to lower gas prices and reduce our burden on foreign sources of energy.

I supported the comprehensive Energy Bill that improves the nation’s electricity transmission capacity and reliability, encourages energy conservation, decreases our dependence on foreign oil, and encourages alternate sources of energy. One of the key components of reducing the burden is finding alternate sources of energy. This is why I introduced legislation encouraging use of ethanol and biodiesel as alternative sources of fuel. I also supported the Small Producer Tax Credit, Alcohol Fuel Credit, a tax credit for the retail sale of ethanol and biodiesel, as well as a tax incentive for installing infrastructure for ethanol and bioldiesel sale.

In a continued effort to take the burden off American families I supported funding for the LIHEAP program to aid those most in need to pay the high costs of home heating. While developing new technologies we must be mindful of the environment. Clean Coal technology has also been a focus of mine and I championed provisions that were included in the energy bill to fund IGCC and pollution control incentives.

I also cosponsored legislation to institute a ban on price gouging that institutes civil penalties for those found guilty