Family Values

As a member of the Pro-Life Caucus, the House’s Values Action Team, and a former Chair of the House Family Caucus, I am deeply committed to a pro-family agenda. This includes protecting the rights of the unborn and defending the institution of marriage.

A central part of my values agenda involves defending the rights of the unborn. The right to life is a principle that is close to my heart and one that I will continue to strongly support. Congress has passed several measures to limit abortions and promote human life. This included the ban on partial birth abortions that was signed into law over two years ago. I voted in favor of legislation that would require parental notification of minors before they could cross state lines to receive and abortion. As your Congressman, I will continue to cast my vote in favor of pro-life issues

Some elements of our society continue to chip away at our value system, launching assaults on many of our most sacred institutions, most notably traditional marriage. I am a strong supporter of a Constitutional amendment to define marriage solely as a union between one man and one woman. I am also a cosponsor of legislation that would prevent state and federal courts from interpreting constitutional law to require states to extend marital status or marital privileges to domestic partnerships.

Legislation Supported:

• Cosponsored legislation to defend American values by protecting the flag from desecration (HJ Res 10), protecting the sanctity of marriage (HR 72, HR 1100, HJ Res 39), establishing English as the official language (HR 997), and defending religious freedom (HR 1070, HJ Res 57)
• Addressed the ongoing Meth epidemic in out rural communities by supporting legislation to increase funding for local law enforcement (HR 313), strengthen sentencing guidelines (HR 314), and increase aid for environmental clean up of recovered labs (HR 13, HR 798). Also sponsored legislation to increase security of farm chemicals unlawfully obtained to make meth (HR 713) and cosponsored other bills to restrict access to psuephedrine, a key ingredient for meth production (HR 1446, 1350)
• Consistently supported pro-life legislation, including requiring women seeking abortions to be notified about the pain their fetus could feel (HR 356), protecting the unborn under the 14th Amendment (HR 552), limiting access to RU-486, the abortion drug (HR 1079), criminalizing the assistance of a minor in crossing state lines to seek and abortion (HR 748), and banning human cloning (HR 534).