Media Advisory Contact: Justin Groenert
September, 1 2006 (270) 769-2760

Lewis to Hold News Conference Friday
Congressman to discuss recent personal attacks, need for serious debate on issues

Elizabethtown, KY - Congressman Ron Lewis (R-KY) will hold a brief news conference tomorrow, Friday, September 1st, 3pmET at the Pritchard Community Center, 404 South Mulberry Street, Elizabethtown. Lewis will address recent personal attacks made by his opponent challenging his military service and his wife’s involvement on his campaign.

“Labor day is usually the time when campaigns really begin to heat up,” said Lewis. “My opponent and I have already had some spirited exchanges. I have welcomed these opportunities to talk about our positions on important issues such as immigration, energy and the war on terror.

“Unfortunately, it appears that Mr. Weaver and some of his supporters have decided to begin slinging mud, questioning my integrity and challenging my wife. The people of the Second District deserve a serious discussion on issues not personal attacks.

“I have never questioned Mike Weaver’s service and commitment to his country, nor should he question mine. I have never and would never orchestrate personal attacks or false insinuations about members of Mr. Weaver’s family. I ask that he do the same.

“This seat belongs to the people of the Second District. I must reapply for the job every two years. The complex issues shaping the future direction of our country merit a serious and elevated debate about our differences on policy and should not be muddied by malicious and misleading personal attacks.”

Lewis will release official documentation of his military service and medical discharge to attending media. He will also answer questions and share transparent details about his wife Kayi’s prior employment on his campaign.