July 13, 2006 (270) 769-2760

Lewis Calls on Weaver to Condemn Fundraising Video Exploiting Fallen Soldiers

Elizabethtown, KY- Congressman Ron Lewis (KY-02) denounced today a recent fundraising video sent out by the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) that showed images of the flag-draped coffins of fallen soldiers. State Rep. Mike Weaver appeared in the video along with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, and Former President Bill Clinton.

“This is one of the most despicable political advertisements I have ever seen,” said Lewis. “I call on Mike Weaver to condemn this video and the exploitation of our nation’s fallen soldiers for political gain.”

In the video, a picture is displayed of flag draped coffins of fallen soldiers lined on a cargo plane. In the following frames, an image of Mike Weaver appears in footage taken from a rally held in Washington, DC earlier this year.

“Regardless of political party, we are all first and foremost Americans. As the campaign seasons warms up, I recognize that personal attacks may occur,” said Lewis. “The distasteful use of pictures of fallen soldiers does nothing to contribute to our national discourse.

“This video proves yet again that Mike Weaver is working closely with Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and others who represent the extreme liberal left-wing of the Democratic Party in this campaign. Their values and political objectives - bigger government, more taxes, and more control over people's lives and wallets – do not represent those of a great many in the Second District.

“These are the people and the causes Mike Weaver chooses to associate himself with. I call on him to publicly denounce this video and the organization that created it for exploiting fallen soldiers to advance the cause of his party.”